Quality control

Quality control is a procedure or set of procedures designed to ensure that the product manufactured or service provided meets specified quality criteria and the requirements of the customer. Our company has been successfully involved in quality control for more than ten years. 
We owe our positive results to putting our partners' needs first and always striving for long-term cooperation. Our business philosophy is to provide the highest quality service in all our work. We have extensive experience in final inspection of automotive suppliers and complex inspection of incoming goods. Our portfolio includes visual inspection, defect detection, instrumental inspection and product selection. If you need a reliable, flexible and precise company for quality control services, we are at your disposal 24 hours a day.

Key services

1.) On-site quality control

For manufacturers of parts, it is quite important to check completeness in order to prevent costly reworking and returning of goods. Completeness control is also of great importance during the manufacturing process to avoid value-added downstream production steps involving defective semi-finished products.

2.) Visual control

The quality of production processes can be improved by carrying out visual inspections during the production process, based on specified parameters. A gyártott termékek végellenőrzésével kiszűrjük a hibás termékeket, ezáltal csökkentjük a vásárlói visszautasításokat, panaszokat, ebből kifolyólag emelkednek a minőségi mutatók is.

3.) Instrumental testing

Sensory tests typically have a high standard deviation, so to get more accurate results, it is worthwhile to perform instrumental tests. In addition to physical and chemical analyses of the products to be checked, we also carry out classical and instrumental analytical tests.

4.) Product selection

Most often, automotive companies take advantage of the option to have a 3rd independent specialist company select the products. This method is necessary when the customer does not have sufficient quantity and quality of manpower in reserve to inspect, rework or disassemble the blocked semi-finished products.

12 arguments

We work at competitive prices and high quality.
Számunkra Ügyfeleink bizalma és biztonsága a legfontosabb.
We have national coverage.
We operate with free on-site assessment and advice at any location in the country.
We assess your requirements and needs in detail and accurately.
Service specifications and work plans are carefully prepared.
We place great emphasis on personal and regular contact and feedback, to which we respond promptly.
We use the latest environmentally friendly technology in our activities.
Quality is constantly monitored and we keep pace with market developments.
The motivation and continuous training of our staff ensure the efficiency of our work.
Our complex service results in cost efficiency.
We also meet individual and special requirements, nothing is impossible for us.
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