Green area maintenance

In today's fast-paced world, green spaces play a vital role not only in our leisure time, but also in creating a positive workplace atmosphere, as a well-maintained green environment is stress-relieving, calming and mood-boosting.  We take care of the indoor and outdoor green spaces of offices, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, leisure centres, wellness centres and shopping centres. 
We are committed to a well-maintained green environment, as the professional maintenance and care of green areas and plants is not only important for aesthetic appearance, but also for value preservation. In order to keep green plants looking their best, it is necessary to know the light, temperature and soil conditions of the plant type, and the water, humidity and nutrient requirements of the plants. Our green area maintenance service is carried out by qualified gardeners with modern machinery, a wide range of tools and protective equipment, in compliance with environmental and legal requirements, both indoors and outdoors. Our horticultural services include green maintenance, landscaping, plant replacement, plant disease and pest control, and we always hand over the maintained area to our customers in a clean condition. 

Key services

1.) Indoor green area maintenance

- Watering and care of indoor plants planted in balconies and boxes

A close-to-nature experience is not only available outdoors.

Our aim is to bring as much greenery as possible into the walls of buildings, whatever the building. In addition to adding a cosy ambience, live plant decorations also have an air purifying, mood-enhancing, eye-catching and beneficial effect. To keep plants aesthetically pleasing in the long term, regular and professional care and watering is essential. Our gardeners constantly monitor the plants they care for, know the ideal water, humidity and nutrient requirements for each plant and manage them accordingly.

- Watering, care and external dusting of plants and trees in solitary containers, wet cleaning

We see the forest from the tree. 

Solitary plants can be an exciting addition and an important part of our indoor environment, and they not only improve our mood, but also the air quality. In shopping centres and office buildings, eye-catching plants in huge planters are often an integral part of the interior. Solitary plants are usually placed in a prominent, visible area, their size, shape and colour standing out from the surroundings. As they are always the centre of attention, it is essential that these plants are cared for regularly and professionally. In areas where there is a lot of footfall in a short period of time, such plants can quickly become dusty and can also be contaminated with other dirt, so our colleagues constantly dust the specimen plants, using special tools and cleaning products as necessary to wet clean them and maintain their aesthetic and healthy appearance.

May all flowers bloom.

In order to enjoy the beauty of flowers both outdoors and indoors, plants need constant professional care. We take the health and well-being of all living things to heart, and we also believe it is important that the fruits of all the work and effort put into designing a green decor can be enjoyed by the people who live there for longer. To this end, we help our clients with the following maintenance tasks.

- Washing and cleaning of flower holders and pots

Flower holders and pots can also be used as decorative elements and as optical space dividers. As plants and their containers are always the centre of attention in indoor green spaces, it is essential to keep them clean. Our staff make sure that flower holders, pots and their supports are always clean.

- Removal and collection of dead or yellow leaves

Several things can cause the leaves of plants to wither, such as inadequate water content in the soil, insect pests, plant diseases, lack of sunlight, too hot air, lack of space in the pot. To ensure that they are always a tasteful and showy piece of indoor greenery, our gardeners remove and collect dry leaves and wilted flowers from the vegetation.

- Washing plants, cleaning and caring for their leaves

Rainwater removes the dirt from outdoor plants, while our colleagues remove the dust from indoor plants, which should be cleaned occasionally not only dry but also wet. Cleaning the leaves of indoor plants is not only a matter of aesthetics, dust and dirt deposited on plants can inhibit plant growth and even photosynthesis, so it is of paramount importance to keep indoor plants clean at all times.

- Weeding

Weeding is an important part of plant care. When tending ornamental plants, our gardeners regularly remove unwanted weeds, as they can easily look neglected if not tended regularly. Weeds grow rapidly when the soil is moist and warm.

- Replacement of plants

In the case of older plants, certain diseases are more likely to cause browning of leaf tips and leaf edges, dieback and, in more severe cases, death of the plant. In such cases, plant replacement/replacement becomes inevitable.

- Cleaning and watering of vegetation around the waterfall wall/pool

The display of plant decoration on waterfall walls and around pools is particularly authentic. When selecting them, it is important to ensure that they can tolerate humid air, are decorative and do not have problems if their leaves and fruits become wet on a regular basis. Regular care, cleaning and watering are also important for these plants to ensure an aesthetic appearance.

- Removing litter from greenery

In areas where many people visit for short periods of time, it is often the case that litter gets into the plants. Our staff regularly inspect the areas overgrown by plants, collect the litter from
the plants and then remove it.

- Dedusting of plant balconies

Plant borders are a timelessly modern, serenely green and aesthetically pleasing space with a variety of plants arranged in rows, so it's important that they are always well-kept, dust-free and cobweb-free.

- Carry out necessary spraying (two or more times a year)
The most common control and prevention method against pathogens, pests and plant diseases is spraying. We protect plants by using environmentally friendly pesticides.

- Continuous watering of water-demanding crops during the day (daytime on-call)

The water requirements of plants depend on temperature, humidity, soil structure, size of the canopy and the original growing area. During the day, our staff will ensure that indoor plants that require more water than average are watered several times a day at the right rate.

2.) Outdoor green area maintenance

What nature does not provide, we make up for.

The natural habitat for plants is the open space, but here too we cannot leave everything to nature. To keep an outdoor green space or garden beautiful all four seasons of the year, we need to keep it tended and cared for. A well-kept, well-maintained green space gives a sense of elegance and exclusivity. To create and maintain such an area, you need special expertise - and as well as caring for indoor plants, we are also experts in maintaining outdoor green spaces.

- Outdoor plant care, lawn maintenance (watering, mowing, weeding)

We are committed to creating a well-kept and sustainable green environment. Our qualified gardeners take care of green spaces, plants and lawns. From watering and mowing to weeding, our staff work to an annual maintenance schedule.

- Planting ornamental plants, flowers and trees

When planting and transplanting outdoor plants, the soil and rainfall conditions on site must be taken into account. Our experts take care to ensure that the species are in harmony with each other, both in terms of habit and colour. Plants change colour with the seasons, so by choosing and combining the right trees, shrubs and other plant species, we can ensure that the outdoor green spaces we care for are colourful at all times of the year. Before planting, it is advisable to consult our experts in plant care, who will assess the needs of our potential clients, in addition to the specificities of the site.

- Installation, operation and maintenance of irrigation systems

The installation of an irrigation system is a well-defined step-by-step process, where a plan is drawn up based on the previously surveyed area and the water source that can be used for irrigation. From digging the trenches, laying the pipelines to installing the automatic control system, our team is constantly on hand to provide a complete and high quality service. In order to ensure that the warranty period of your irrigation system expires as soon as possible, it is advisable to entrust its operation to expert hands. Irrigation system failures can be avoided by regular seasonal maintenance, which is recommended twice a year. One should be scheduled in late autumn, before the winter frosts arrive, when irrigation systems should be drained. The other seasonal maintenance should be scheduled in the spring, before the irrigation system is put into operation. However, irrigation systems may also have ad-hoc problems - nozzle damage, inadequate water pressure, malfunctioning automatics, etc. - when it is advisable to seek the help of our specialists.

- Implementation of anti-frost measures, dewatering of irrigation systems

In the event of a frost hazard, the irrigation system network must be completely drained, failure to do so may lead to irrigation system failure. During the winter months, cold, storms and heavy snowfall can also endanger plants, so one of the main tasks of our colleagues during this period is to professionally remove broken and damaged branches and care for wounds, so that our plants can once again adorn our gardens in good health from spring.

- Park maintenance and care

Man-made parks are living ecosystems that need regular maintenance work throughout the year, according to the seasons, to maintain and develop them. The maintenance of lawns, pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs, weeding of beds and solitaire, replenishment of nutrients, watering, plant replenishment and de-frosting are all part of our tasks.

- Removing grass and weed from concrete and paving slabs

Sooner or later, weeds will appear next to concrete and paving slabs and between the joints. To maintain an aesthetically pleasing environment, these areas should also be weeded from time to time, using environmentally friendly weed killers and manually applied garden tools.

- Lawn mowing, weeding

In order to keep your lawn green and aesthetically pleasing in the long term, it is worth mowing every 4-10 days, and continuous mowing will help to achieve a denser lawn. A continuously mown lawn should be aerated several times in spring and autumn. In order to keep the lawn healthy for a long time, it needs constant watering and occasional nutrient replenishment. In addition to lawn care, our experts also remove weeds in the lawn to keep it looking attractive and attractive.

- Collection and removal of dead leaves and other rubbish

We also take care to be environmentally responsible in the collection of dead leaves and other green waste in all our areas. The collected green waste is composted and returned to the natural cycle.

Snow and frost precautions, de-icing

During the winter months, it is important to keep pavements and outdoor parking areas clean and free of snow and ice to prevent accidents. The equipment in our fleet is suitable for removing (even depositing) large amounts of snow on footpaths and parking areas, and is also equipped with an automatic salt spreader adapter. The descaling is carried out with environmentally friendly materials.

- Trimming hedges and bushes

A well-tended and aesthetically pleasing hedge or shaped shrub can be a highlight in any garden.
Shaping and pruning in spring and autumn not only shapes the plants. While in spring it stimulates the growth of plants, in autumn it prepares them for their winter rest. Pruning trees, shrubs and hedges is not only necessary to keep them in shape, without pruning plants can quickly become stunted and thicken.

- Slope wall, pile wall construction

For bridging small differences in level, we recommend the construction of a parapet wall. The gradient of the slopes depends on the soil structure of the area. While a lower angle is built for loose soil, a higher angle is built for compacted soil.

- Landscaping, backfilling

Landscaping is often an unavoidable preliminary process to garden design. Often, the soil in some areas is not level, and it is necessary to fill in the soil with topsoil to ensure that the land is level.

- Eradication of plants harmful to health

Strict regulations and legislation apply to the eradication of toxic, harmful plants such as wild hemp and ragweed. The rules on the eradication of ragweed now cover not only the flowering period but also the growing season. Failure to comply with the obligation to remove ragweed can result in fines of up to several million euros, so it is vital that this work is carried out by a competent professional.

- Plant replacement, plant purchase (on the basis of a separate invoice)

Plant deaths can occur mostly during the winter, less frequently due to water shortages caused by summer heatwaves or the sudden proliferation of pests or pathogens. The aim of plant replacements is to correct plant mortality, and in the case of ageing plants, some shrubs and bushes should be professionally rejuvenated every 3-10 years to avoid excessive thickening of the stems. 

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We have national coverage.
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Service specifications and work plans are carefully prepared.
We place great emphasis on personal and regular contact and feedback, to which we respond promptly.
We use the latest environmentally friendly technology in our activities.
Quality is constantly monitored and we keep pace with market developments.
The motivation and continuous training of our staff ensure the efficiency of our work.
Our complex service results in cost efficiency.
We also meet individual and special requirements, nothing is impossible for us.
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