Creating a clean and sustainable environment is not a challenge for us, it is a mission that we are dedicated to every day. The Master Group was created to support the cleanliness and conservation of the properties we use and the daily comfort of the people who live there. Whether it's an office building, a shopping centre, a sports facility, a national branch network or a logistics park, a factory or a hotel, a public institution, we work with our colleagues to keep every building clean.
We prioritise innovative technologies, environmentally friendly cleaning tools and cleaning products to create a sustainable and clean environment. Our staff regularly undergo training and education to learn the latest international green technologies and are passionate about researching the latest "green" solutions.

Key services

1.) Cleaning of buildings

It's not just people, our environment deserves to be clean every day.

Buildings are particularly vulnerable to the daily use of dirt, which can easily accumulate as a result of everyday life and use, if not kept clean. In order to provide a pleasant environment for building visitors while preserving the condition of the property, our building cleaning services are tailored to the needs of the client and the site, at any time of the day, any day of the week, anywhere in the country.

2.) Regular daily cleaning

Cleanliness is not neglected for a moment.

The frequency with which areas are cleaned is heavily influenced by the traffic load of a building, which can be diverse. In the case of an office building, the "static crowd" of people working there, a shopping centre with a significant amount of "through traffic", a sports facility may require daily cleaning to maintain special conditions. In order to achieve and maintain a constant cleanliness, in each case, during the on-site inspection, our colleagues will precisely assess the characteristics of the area, agree on the expectations and, based on this information, develop a specific cleaning regime. Our aim is to provide the client with a professional proposal that will achieve and maintain the desired results in the most efficient way.

In addition to specific additional activities, daily cleaning in an office environment typically includes the following activities:

- emptying bins and carrying them to the waste storage, changing bin bags,
- general dusting (furniture, windowsills, plants, photocopiers, etc.)
- vacuum cleaning of floors and carpets,
- mopping floors and paving,
- disinfection of wet rooms,
- disinfectant cleaning of tiles, sinks, toilets,
- refilling hand washers - liquid soap, foam, etc.
- placing paper towels, toilet paper,
- wiping down kitchen counters, dining tables, chairs,
- cleaning kitchen utensils,
- loading (unloading) the dishwasher,
- ventilation of the office.

3.) Cleaning on-call

Cleanliness at every moment.

In the case of establishments with a high throughput and intensive use, an on-call cleaning service is essential in addition to daily cleaning. The daily use of the premises regularly generates dirt that needs to be removed as quickly as possible and in a professional manner (e.g. mud from rainy weather, spilled coffee/refreshment or broken stock). Typical areas are shopping centres, restaurants, office buildings, which, in addition to being particularly exposed to high levels of use, must always reflect an orderly, clean state for visitors.

Mechanical cleaning is a commonly used form of cleaning in high-traffic locations and always produces impressive and quick results. In assembling the necessary fleet of machines, we have paid particular attention to ensuring that our equipment is fully adapted to the site, both in terms of technical skill and size, as well as aesthetics and safety. Environmental awareness is of paramount importance to us, and when introducing new tools and cleaning products, we always give preference to environmentally friendly, innovative technologies that can be used effectively, even without the use of chemicals, in cleaning operations. In the spirit of speed, only the most modern technologies are used, and our portfolio includes ride-on and walk-behind sweepers and scrubbers, escalator cleaners, gum removal equipment and foam generator cleaning machines.

4.) 0-24 cleaning service

Cleanliness day and night.

It is important that our activities fit in with the smooth running of our customers day-to-day operations, so the cleaning process does not disturb the operation of the facilities. Our cleaning department clean the area at the time of your request, at any time of the day. We are available to our customers 24 hours a day for occasional and regular cleaning as well.

5.) Specialised cleaning services

Special places, special solutions.

We are also good at cleaning areas requiring special technology and techniques. Adapting to the changing world around us, our profile also covers cleaning areas such as:

- cleaning solar panels

Expertise is the key to efficiency.

The use of solar panels, both residential and commercial, is now widespread and growing. The cleaning of solar panels is an extremely important task, as contaminated panels can easily lose their efficiency, so keeping them clean is not only aesthetically important, but also crucial to maintaining their efficiency. It is easy to think that "you can't go wrong", but it is not just a matter of when - and how - you clean them. Cleaning solar panels during the daytime is an unnecessary risk, as the water they are exposed to can cause them to heat up and crack easily. In addition, it is important to use special cleaning products designed for this purpose, as corrosive cleaning products can easily damage panels that have been built with a lot of work and at great expense. Therefore, it is advisable to leave the cleaning of solar panels to professional, specialised technicians. Our company can also clean large solar panels in factories, shopping centres and other facilities.

- factory cleaning

Everyday cleanliness at the highest level.

Cleaning new factories and departments before handover is also a task requiring special technology. The fine dust, paint, glue and other construction dirt that remains after construction and renovation work is time-consuming to remove and clean up from already large areas, high ceilings and special surfaces. Keeping such an area clean and dust-free on both vertical and horizontal surfaces can be achieved mainly through professionally performed heavy-duty mechanical cleaning and precision manual cleaning. Factories are subject to particularly high dust loads, depending on their activities. The waste, slag and dust generated as a result of daily operations require special cleaning at different frequencies depending on the operational profile of the plant and the materials used. We are also present in high-priority and challenging areas such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, microtechnology, nanotechnology, optics, food and medical device companies. In these areas, which are particularly sensitive to maintaining special cleanliness, we even sterilise the facility by "cleaning the cleanroom" to ensure that their operation is uninterrupted and meets the highest cleanliness standards.

- cleaning of clearance areas

When a speck of dust is too much.

Cleanrooms are rooms where it is necessary to maintain a low particle concentration environment, which is achieved by the use of air circulation equipment. We provide cleanroom cleaning services in compliance with strict sterile cleaning standards and international quality and hygiene standards to ensure that airborne particles, microbes, aerosol particles and other gases do not cause problems in cleanroom production processes and test methods. Our staff clean the areas of the building that are certified as cleanrooms, wearing special clothing and using specific cleaning procedures, using specially developed equipment. During cleanroom cleaning, the appropriate sterile disinfectants must not only be manufactured under clean conditions, but also be kept in appropriate packaging before and after use. We offer our cleanroom cleaning services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, microtechnology, nanotechnology, optical and food industries, as well as to medical device companies and hospitals. Our company provides disinfection, decontamination, sterilization, contamination control, microbiological testing in addition to microbiological cleaning.

- disinfectant cleanings

We can do something about infections.

During disinfectant cleaning, we inactivate and remove dirt and pathogens on floors, washable wall surfaces and fixtures. In our work, we use only disinfectant cleaning products authorised by the National Office of the Public Health and Specialised Agencies, and special equipment to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness. We use impregnated mops to complete the effect of the special cleaning products when cleaning the floor. In order to maintain their maximum efficiency throughout the cleaning of the entire area, we place great emphasis on the separation of the tools used and the soiled mops, which are replaced every 10-15 m2 . During disinfectant cleaning, colour-coded buckets and microfibre wipes are used and a pre-planned cleaning plan is followed, always moving from clean surfaces towards contaminated areas. The disinfectant working solution is freshly prepared every day and changed at regular intervals according to the rules. Soiled wipes and mops are sent for disinfectant washing and impregnation after use. In large offices, institutions with high customer traffic, shops and restaurants, disinfectant cleaning is recommended once a week, or more frequently, even daily, during the current epidemic. In this situation, our company's staff disinfects corridors, stairwells, social rooms, water closets and offices with antiviral and antibacterial agents. During disinfection cleaning, they pay special attention to the health of both the workers and themselves, and therefore wear special protective equipment and follow the safety protocols.

- alpine cleaning

The airgymnasts of the cleanliness

Exterior facades, glass surfaces and shades are exposed 24 hours a day to environmental and other contaminants that require special tools and technical know-how to remove. To clean glass surfaces, our alpine professionals use environmentally friendly cleaning products with water-repellent and dust-repellent properties, which keep them stain and drip-free for a long time. Our regularly trained mountaineering staff work with safety equipment and protective gear, taking particular care of the safety of others and their own bodies. In addition to cleaning, their work also includes the protection of facades and cladding, the repair of gutters, the construction of protection against pigeons, and the installation of safety equipment (cameras, motion detectors) at height. 

6.) Hygiene material procurement

To keep everything to hand.

In order to provide a full range of services to Master Group's partners, we also provide hygiene products and fillers - hand towel paper, toilet paper, liquid soap, hand sanitizer - in addition to cleaning services. This service is particularly recommended for our partners who also use our cleaning services, as our cleaning staff can monitor consumption to ensure a constant supply. These products are rapidly consumed and their regular purchase is a recurring task each month, so by monitoring product depletion we can optimise the cost of hygiene materials, taking the burden off our clients. In addition to supplying products, we also offer expert advice on the choice of dispenser type. 

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We work at competitive prices and high quality.
Számunkra Ügyfeleink bizalma és biztonsága a legfontosabb.
We have national coverage.
We operate with free on-site assessment and advice at any location in the country.
We assess your requirements and needs in detail and accurately.
Service specifications and work plans are carefully prepared.
We place great emphasis on personal and regular contact and feedback, to which we respond promptly.
We use the latest environmentally friendly technology in our activities.
Quality is constantly monitored and we keep pace with market developments.
The motivation and continuous training of our staff ensure the efficiency of our work.
Our complex service results in cost efficiency.
We also meet individual and special requirements, nothing is impossible for us.
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