Technical maintenance services

One of the pillars of the services of MasterClean Ltd. is building management and technical maintenance. Our services are always tailored to the needs of the customer, developing a unique system, keeping in mind the requirements of modern times, while at the same time we feel it is our duty, as part of customer support, to introduce innovative services and tools, offering cost-effective and modern solutions.
The aim of MasterClean Ltd. is to support its customers in achieving their goals through our property and facility management activities.

Key services

1.) Full technical management

- facility management

- building management system operation

- maintenance of all technical systems and equipment

- inspection of technical systems and equipment

- janitorial services

- winter services

- cleaning of facades

- pests control

- security services (provided by qualified subcontractors)

- reception service

- daily inspections and supervision and management of other services

- preparing the operating and investment budget (OPEX, CAPEX)

- occupational safety

- project management

- construction, renovation and interior design

- waste management

- facility management consultancy

- FM project development

- green building consultancy

- energy management

- FM process improvement

- FM tender documentation preparation

- technology due diligence

2.) Building maintenance

Professional commitment and responsibility are important to us. With 24-hour a day supervision, we ensure that the facilities entrusted to us will run smoothly, according to a tailor-made service protocol that allows them to operate as optimally as possible.

- maintenance and repair of technical equipment

- drawing up maintenance plans

- maintenance and repair of mechanical systems

- electrical network maintenance and repair

- maintenance and repair of architectural and structural systems

- maintenance and repair of building security and property protection systems with remote monitoring system and emergency services

- operation of building surveillance systems

- maintenance and repair of lifts and escalators

- manufacture and installation of office furniture

- procurement of parts and materials

- 24-hour on-call service, breakdown services

- dispatching and help desk services, provision of an Internet-based fault reporting system

12 arguments

We work at competitive prices and high quality.
Számunkra Ügyfeleink bizalma és biztonsága a legfontosabb.
We have national coverage.
We operate with free on-site assessment and advice at any location in the country.
We assess your requirements and needs in detail and accurately.
Service specifications and work plans are carefully prepared.
We place great emphasis on personal and regular contact and feedback, to which we respond promptly.
We use the latest environmentally friendly technology in our activities.
Quality is constantly monitored and we keep pace with market developments.
The motivation and continuous training of our staff ensure the efficiency of our work.
Our complex service results in cost efficiency.
We also meet individual and special requirements, nothing is impossible for us.
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