Our company provides high quality, tailored asset protection services throughout the country, from small businesses to large industrial companies. Our main objective is to prevent any act that could cause moral or material damage to our clients. In order to achieve the most optimal level of protection, it is recommended to carry out an individual security risk assessment for each assignment.

Key services

1.) Asset protection

The security and safety of your personal or business assets is a priority for all of us..

Our aim is to provide our partners with a high quality and comprehensive property protection service 24 hours a day, throughout the country. To carry out this task, we have experts in Budapest, in the county capitals and in several large cities.
According to our security philosophy, our primary task is damage prevention and mitigation, with the aim of preventing any act that could cause moral or material damage to our clients. All the details of our services are tailored to the specific needs of our clients and we make recommendations based on our own professional experience. In order to achieve the best results, the first step in every assignment is to carry out a specific security risk assessment, which enables us to develop a personalised, professionally sound proposal. In response to the challenges of the profession and changing requirements, we organise ongoing training for our colleagues to improve their security and IT skills. 

2.) Live-guarding

One of the most important foundations of complex asset protection is the use of live-guarding,which is the most effective way to respond to the situation, taking into account the circumstances. Optimally, this can be complemented by the use of mechanical, electronic and security signalling systems to ensure complete protection at all times of the day.

Live-guarding is an important element of asset protection in almost all areas, whether industrial premises, office buildings, factories or sites. Live guarding is provided by qualified security guards/guards in uniform with identification badges and may include the guarding of equipment, materials and goods not only on the premises but also in the vicinity of the premises. In addition, they shall supervise and administer the required access authorisations and the existence and validity of the documents required by the client.

In each case, the guarding system is set up on an individual basis, taking into account the specificities of the area and the individual needs of the client. One of the advantages of live guarding is that our staff monitor the signals from the security systems - alarms, fire alarms, cameras, sensors - in the guarded area, paying attention to situations inside and outside. They react quickly and efficiently to any incident, taking an active part in locating and resolving the problem, and in following the safety protocol (e.g. burst pipe, power failure, machine downtime), reducing the damage and helping to restore the workflow as quickly as possible. 

3.) Front desk services

The receptionist is the "face of the company", the personification.

It is of paramount importance that our colleagues make a positive impression on those who come into contact with them from the very first moment. With this in mind, in addition to professionalism, we pay particular attention to the well-groomed, sophisticated appearance and communication skills of our colleagues. The receptionist welcomes and directs visitors to the facility, monitors compliance with entry and exit rules, checks work entitlements, luggage, vehicles and deliveries of persons leaving the facility. It may also be responsible for the security of property and security systems, and for on-call duty at the gate, as required by our clients. 

4.) Securing events

The main purpose of securing events is to ensure the smooth and professional safe running of the event.

Our role may include parking arrangements, screening of tickets, luggage and clothing, screening of individuals and equipment that pose a particular threat to public safety, and professional escorting of guests and their staff. In our work, we place great emphasis not only on the protection of the physical safety and property of the participants, but also on the protection of the equipment and property placed by the organisers. During the event, our security staff are constantly on duty in the designated area to monitor compliance with the rules of the event, prevent any conflicts that may arise and immediately remove any persons who may pose a threat to safety or disturb the security. For each assignment, after thorough consultation and site inspection, taking into account the needs and suggestions of the client, the site conditions and security rules, we will work out the detailed tasks of the security team and the staff and equipment required to carry out the task.

5.) Installing security systems

A system that is "always on duty".

We can make our security services even more effective by installing security devices and systems. Security devices are nowadays an essential part of a complete and effective protection. Their task is to control and regulate access to protected areas, to prevent and localise damage, and to monitor and document all events within the area. The security systems may include camera surveillance systems, automatic gates, alarm systems, access control systems, etc., which are used to control and monitor compliance with the rules and regulations in force in the area and to guard it. The installation of CCTV video surveillance systems allows the continuous monitoring of events on the premises, either on site or remotely, which helps to accurately assess the situation and react quickly. 

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We work at competitive prices and high quality.
Számunkra Ügyfeleink bizalma és biztonsága a legfontosabb.
We have national coverage.
We operate with free on-site assessment and advice at any location in the country.
We assess your requirements and needs in detail and accurately.
Service specifications and work plans are carefully prepared.
We place great emphasis on personal and regular contact and feedback, to which we respond promptly.
We use the latest environmentally friendly technology in our activities.
Quality is constantly monitored and we keep pace with market developments.
The motivation and continuous training of our staff ensure the efficiency of our work.
Our complex service results in cost efficiency.
We also meet individual and special requirements, nothing is impossible for us.
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